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Special and more.

S.B.E. bvba gets your event the Final Touch it deserves.  Spectacular, overwelming or subtile. But always to the point !

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The effect device that produces big flame effects without – critical on the stage – propane bottles!


Magic FX

CO2 Jet

The CO2 Jet is a small device that blows white clouds of CO2 on festival stages. Connect the CO2 Jets to bottles of liquid CO2 by using CO2 hoses.


Magic FX

Confetti | streamer PowerShot

Compact shot unit to fire 4 Electric Confetti and Streamer Cannons.  DMX controlled !


Le Maître

Freezefog Pro

Freezefog Pro creates a dramatic, controllable low-lying fog effect.


Le Maître

Prostage Pyroflash Technics

Pyrolash is a simle, easy to use plug & play cartridge system for semi-professional users. Designed for indoor use, it is ideal system for stages.

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